Apps are changing the world: Can India be the next App super-power?

India next app superpower

India has the ability to become the next app superpower due to its enormous consumption power and potential, said experts. With nine billion mobile apps downloaded in India in 2012,

Managing Editor-Technology, NDTV Rajiv Makhni said, “Can India contribute something to the growing app world and go on to become an app superpower is something we can explore.”

The experts agreed that most apps had come from compa­nies and places that have so far been unheard of and that there was a huge potential waiting to be tapped in India and other countries.

However, they said that monetization was one of the biggest challenges developers faced. But “the market is immense. An average user spends around 200 minutes a month on all kinds of apps,” said Viral Oza, Director-Marketing, Nokia India.

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